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Line of Site Architecture Competition 2009

Line of Site is a web based architecture competition recognised as the world’s largest architectural competition both in terms of numbers participating and geographic spread.

First launched in 2007, the purpose of the competition is to submit a ‘quick’ initial idea for a building in answer to any one or all of the three briefs available on the website. Submissions can be either electronically generated or drawn by hand – sketched ideas, not fully developed designs.

The second Line of Site competition, sponsored by ACO and Google included two exciting new Geo based briefs where competitors are able to select their own geographical locations to design their buildings – though the buildings are not intended be built.
Three design briefs were available at two-month intervals. Competitors register on the website and download the brief document. Then they submit their initial ideas before the deadline, which are then displayed in the online gallery.

The new website had a lot of new features and functionality and followed the progress of the competition every step of the way:

  • Architectural blog directory
  • Brief location mapping
  • Online survey
  • Entry upload facility
  • Worldwide architectural news
  • Blog submissions
  • Entry reviews
  • Automated galleries

One of the main advantages of the website over the previous year was the ability for a participant to upload their entry and description to the gallery section automatically.

Extra facilities were added to the website to promote more of a community feel to the competition:

  • Purely for fun, a score could be given by a viewer, which was then shown as an overall average alongside the gallery preview
  • Competitors were allowed to communicate with each other through private email
  • Any entry could be reviewed by any registrant
  • A blog could be written in association with an entry or just for fun
  • The global location stipulated in each entry could be plotted with the aid of Google maps

A blog directory was added to the site allowing any user of LOS to point us towards any blog they submit. The blogs can be shown in any language from any country and could be searched using various criteria.

The competition was followed up by a review document, which gives details of each brief, the judges and the finalists. It includes the judges’ statements about the finalists’ work and photos of the final, held at the BD offices in London.

View the Line of Site Review 2008/2009

View the LOS 2009 Case Study

Statistics from the 2007 competition:

  • 75 participating countries
  • Viewed by 120 countries
  • 2900 architecture practices registered
  • Over 5000 registrants
  • Average 10,000 unique visits per day
  • 7,000,000+ hits for the duration of competition
  • 330 competition entries

View the Line of Site Review 2006/2007